Choose the Best Sellers Agent in St Clair County, MI

Selling your home isn’t a task you should navigate on your own, nor will you want to hire just any real estate agent for the job. You want an agent who will not only list your home, but sell it for the most value in the shortest time, so you can move forward with the next chapter in your life.

Here are four key things you should look for when choosing a real estate agent and why you can count on Roger Martin to perform in every singe one of these areas.

There’s No Substitute for Experience

Buyers will often negotiate the asking price, closing costs, the inspection report and even contingency timeframes.  For this reason, having an experienced agent is crucial to help advise you on every decision you make while your home is on the market.

As an experienced Realtor, Roger Martin will not only negotiate on your behalf, but will educate you throughout the entire process. For example, his experience with various loan products allows him to advise the seller of the buyer’s loan terms and any potential contingencies, which is extremely valuable in multi-bid situations.

A Network of Real Estate Professionals

Another sign of an experienced real estate agent is that they have acquired a network of real estate experts. Roger Martin works with several professionals on a regular basis and can refer sellers to real estate attorneys, home inspection companies, home staging services and remodeling contractors that will best accommodate each unique situation.

Familiarity with Your Community

When listing your home, it’s always best to choose a local real estate agent who is familiar with your neighborhood. Even though you may have a friend who practices real estate in another state or county that can run the comps in your area, a St Clair County real estate agent will have a better estimate on pricing and will more than likely will already have some potential buyers.

Timing is crucial when selling your home and it will depend on your financial situation. For example, will you need to sell your home before transitioning to a new one? As a resident of Marine City who has sold several homes in East Michigan, Roger can help you evaluate how fast homes are selling in the area and estimate how long it will take you to find a home in your new neighborhood.

Expertise to Prepare Your Home for the Market

When it’s time to sell your house,  you’ll more than likely have to make some repairs and improvements. Some of them mandatory, and others optional. Roger Martin can advise sellers on which repairs will garner the most ROI.

He also works closely with staging companies that can highlight your home’s positive features and distract buyers from any negatives.

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